Using the GoJD Journal Logs and Quotations Feature

Journal Logs and Quotations are available to use on the GoJD Connect Hub and the Odissa Handmade selling platform

Login to your front end GoJD Connect hub account and locate the journals link from your right hand Seller Seller Account profile menu (desktop version – see image).

Click on ‘Add Journal Entry’ from the Journals admin page or edit an existing journal entry using the edit link to the right of each entry.

Proceed to entering the fields that you want to use to populate the journal entry.

Save your journal entry or send a quotation email.
When the page refreshes you can either change your existing journal images or edit the journal entry.

Pricing Your Quotation Entry
The Journal Logs and Quotations feature uses the GoJD pricing calculator which allows your to work out your pricing accurately using a predefined formula – click the brown box next to the ‘Quotation Price’ field to open the pricing calculator – fill in the details to work out your price and click to insert the price in to your jornal entry; simples! :-)

Extra rows can be added to your ‘Materials’ section.

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