Register A Design Through The GoJD


  • Please Note that registering your designs with the Guild of Jewellery Designers is not the same (and does not replace) the official design registration process overseen by the UK IPO. If you want to register your designs with then for licensing purposes etc., you can find more information here: UKIPO

The GoJD Register a design service is a UK based user-friendly and affordable independent witness solution to protect against copyright theft of anything creative, artwork, designs, photos, logos. Members can register their work through their member dashboard at any development stage e.g. before pitching the idea, emailing the demo/prototype to a client or publishing to the public domain on popular websites & social media like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Amazon, eBay & Pinterest etc.

All work registered with us receives a unique reference number and digital certificate that can be used to help prove your copyright ownership.

  • All protected works receive a digital certificate with reference number and date/timestamp on upload
  • Secure, trusted , independent and confidential
  • Use our logo on your work or website as a theft deterrent
  • Upoad your own files through your GoJD account dashboard
  • Max file size 25MB
  • Once registered you can display your serial number on your design.
  • Makes taking legal action against infringement and copying more straightforward
  • Serial number portal Search panel included for use on your own website by use of a link or banner
  • Independent third party copyright witness
  • Quick & easy; copyright protection in seconds
  • Support is just a phone call or email away
  • Starting at just £28/year for 25 file uploads (5 uploads included as part of Gold Plus, 10 uploads Gold Extra memberships)
  • Free affidavit (in the event of court action)
  • Prove the date by which your work existed, demonstrating that it pre-dates other work.

What you can and can’t register

To register your design, it must:

  • Be original
  • Not be offensive (for example feature graphic images or words)
  • Be your own original intellectual property
  • Not make use of protected emblems or flags (for example the Olympic rings or the Royal Crown)
  • Not be an invention or how a product works – you’ll need a patent instead

You cannot protect the functionality of a design – for example a table that folds away quicker than similar designs.

Prepare your files

Your files/images should:

  • show the design as it appears to the eye, using photographs, line drawings, computer-aided design (CAD) or rendered CAD
  • show the design against a plain background, with no details hidden by shadows or reflections
  • not contain measurements or other technical information
  • not include anything that isn’t part of the design, for example another object or your hand
  • be the same type, not a mixture (for example, all line drawings or all photographs)
  • include the complete pattern and enough to show how the pattern repeats, if you want to register a surface pattern

Files can be created as a multi page PDF or other file format up to 25MB

Partial design registration

You can add more information if you only want to register:

  • part of your design
  • the shape, not the colour or surface pattern

You can either show or explain:

  • which areas of a graphic you want to protect – this is called a ‘limitation’
  • the parts of a graphic you don’t want to protect – this is called a ‘disclaimer’

You can do this by ‘greying out’ or circling parts of the graphic or by adding a line of text.

The Actual ‘How to do it’ Bit!

  • Login to your GoJD account dashboard
  • Click ‘Your Files’ tab
  • Click the ‘Upload files’ link and choose your file to upload to our server
  • Download your digital certificate for your records

That’s all there is to it! Your design is then stored with us for retrieval or viewing at a later date and your certificate is timestamped with the date and time of uploading along with your name, serial number and encryption code.

Five file uploads are included with Standard Gold and Gold Plus but, if you aren’t a Gold member or would like extra file uploads, you can add more by logging in to your GoJD account dashboard and, from the ‘Add/Renew Subscription tab > Yearly options > Digital design copyright registration service > and then the appropriate radio button’ you can add a files upload subscription.

In the event that you are requested to provide evidence of your registration, your certificate can be viewed online by anyone with the unique serial number through our design registration search portal. The portal can also be inserted into your own website from a simple link.

Once your design has been submitted, the time stamp cannot be altered in the future, so please be aware that if you request us to delete your file and you re-upload it, it will be stamped with the new date.

No representatives of The Guild of Jewellery Designers ever view your files.

If you no longer need some of your files registered, rather than pay for and add a new block of file uploads, you can free up space in your account to upload new files. In this case you must request deletion of the specified file serial numbers by either email or signed letter.

Members subscribing to the GoJD Digital Copyright Design Registration service are entitled to use our dedicated logo on their work; this acts as a warning to copyright thieves and deters copyright infringement.

Designs can be labelled on your website with the official GoJD © logos found in your account dashboard under the ‘Affiliate Info’ tab – copy the affiliate code for the image you want to use and paste it into the webpage where your image appears. You could also display the serial number of the certificate protecting the design. The GoJD ‘Copyright Protect’ image links to the search portal where the serial number can be entered and downloaded/displayed. For example:

     GoJD © SERIAL NUMBER: 63436b30794f

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