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In this section you can learn more about features of the GoJD, how to make full use of the benefits and gain access to Gold member restricted content for hints and tips and more in-depth courses on jewellery making. Over time, this area will develop into your first port of call for how to's and advanced learning.

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Preparing a Buffing Stick

So simple!

Resizing a Precious Metal Ring

A simple project that covers the basics.

Logging in to Your GoJD Accounts

Simple instructions for logging in to your account and various other areas of the GoJD

PPL Insurance Information

Information about the GoJD PPL insurance available to Gold Plus and Gold Extra members

Discounts From Supplier Partners

Where to access them and how to get them applied.

Adding Your GoJD Logo/Badge

Instructions for adding the GoJD logo/insurance badge to display on your website.

Digital Copyright Design Registration

Details about the Digital witness tool to help protect your intellectual property.

GoJD Competitions Image Uploads

A quick lesson on where to find the competition uploads link in your GoJD account…