Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Displaying The GoJD Logo…and More!

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The Simple Bit!

The Guild of Jewellery Designers logos are available for all members to display on their website, packaging and promotional material etc.

The logo is installed on a website using the individual script found in your member account dashboard. Simply copy and paste the script in to your website template in the position you want it to appear. This is generally your template footer so that it appears on every page of your site and only needs to be added once.

The logo that displays is tied in to your GoJD subscription and the corresponding logo will display accordingly, Silver, Gold, Gold Plus or Gold Extra. Gold Extra displays the Trusted Designer Maker mark and Gold Plus subscribers display a logo emphasising that the member is covered for PPL insurance by the GoJD.

If your subscription is allowed to lapse, the logo reverts to the Silver blue version and vice versa if you’re a free Silver member and you upgrade to Gold, as soon as you upgrade, the logo changes automatically.

Finding and Installing Your Logo Code


Logo Settings

Your logo can be adjusted from your GoJD account dashboard for position, size and whether you want it fixed in a static position or floating in the bottom left or righthand corner. Being able to choose a left or right side display is useful if you already have another script displaying in the corner of your website, eg, a live chat module.

The logo displays at different sizes depending on what device is being used to view your website (desktop, tablet or mobile phone).

If you choose ‘Inline/Relative’ the logo will appear in a fixed position in your webpage, for example in the footer or sidebar positions, choose ‘Sticky/Fixed’ and the logo will appear in the left or right hand bottom corner of your web pages and scroll with the page so that it is always in view.

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      Hi Lesley, no I doubt you could add a third party script to Etsy unfortunately. The only way round it is to embed the logo into your images on Etsy.

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