Diamond and Gem Selector

Diamond & Gem Selector

Stones sourced directly from diamond and gem manufacturers that cut, polish and certify the stones, so we can offer you great quality stones at competitive prices.

  • Access over 200,000+ certificated diamonds and coloured gems.
  • Most diamonds/gems have a actual 3D videos and images.
  • Exceptionally competitive prices.
  • The stock feed is live, and updated at least once a day.
  • Prices are inclusive of shipping, insurance, currency exchange, – only VAT to add.
  • All diamonds/gems delivered to you within 1/9 days
  • No minimum order quantity or spend amount(so workshops and designers welcome).
  • Ability to upsell without moving away from the customer.
  • Ability to display prices in Euros or GBP(£), other currencies also now set up.
  • Detailed dashboard- There is an extremely detailed dashboard showing you the most vital information.
  • All stones are certified – GIA, IGI, HRD, EGL and ICL.

**Please Note: Access credentials are available to subscribing GoJD Gold members only and can be found in your member account dashboard**

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