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The Digital Copyright Witness Tool

How to Copyright Your Work

Copyright protects your work and stops others from using it without your permission; copyright protection is granted automatically – you don’t have to apply or pay a fee.

You automatically get copyright protection when you create:

  • original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work, including illustration and photography
  • original jewellery designs in the form of sketches, images and photographs
  • original non-literary written work, such as software, web content and databases
  • sound and music recordings
  • film and television recordings
  • broadcasts
  • the layout of published editions of written, dramatic and musical works

You can mark your work with the copyright symbol (©), your name and the year of creation. If you choose not to use the symbol, it does not affect your legal rights.

Once registered, you should include a statement that your work is registered with The Guild of Jewellery Designers Copyright service to deter infringement.


The Guild of Jewellery Designers Copyright Design Registration service is provided to all members as an affordable solution to protect against copyright theft of design ideas in the form of sketches or digital files (including logos).

Register your work with the GoJD before submitting your ideas to clients or sharing on social media.

GoJD Standard Gold and Gold Plus members benefit from the inclusion of five file uploads for registration as a benefit of their membership. Gold Extra members receive ten file uploads.


How copyright protects your work (Information from the IPO)


Benefits of Our Service

  • All work receives a downloadable digital certificate and a unique reference number
  • Independent third party copyright witness
  • Quick & easy; copyright protection in seconds
  • Support is just a phone call or email away
  • Starting at just £28/year for 25 file uploads (5 uploads included as part of Gold Plus, 10 uploads Gold Extra memberships)
  • Secure, UK based, trusted, independent and confidential
  • Deter theft of your work by using our logo
  • Free affidavit (in the event of court action)
  • Search panel included for use on your own website
  • Prove the date by which your work existed, demonstrating that it pre-dates other work.


Using our simple system, registered members can login to their GoJD account dashboard and click on the ‘Your Files’ tab to locate the files upload link. Click the link, upload your file to our secure server and download your digital certificate. We then recommend you print off your certificate and attach it to a copy of your design for your own records. That’s all there is to it! Your design is then stored with us for retrieval or viewing at a later date and your certificate is timestamped with the date and time of uploading along with your name, serial number and encryption code.

In the event that you are requested to provide evidence of your registration, your certificate can be viewed online by anyone with the unique serial number through our design registration search portal. The portal can also be inserted into your own website from a simple link.

Once your design has been submitted, the time stamp cannot be altered in the future, so please be aware that if you request us to delete your file and you re-upload it, it will be stamped with the new date. No representatives of The Guild of Jewellery Designers ever view your files.

If you no longer need some of your files registered, rather than pay for and add a new block of file uploads, you can free up space in your account to upload new files. In this case you must request deletion of the specified file serial numbers by either email or signed letter.

Members subscribing to the GoJD Digital Copyright Design Registration service are entitled to use our dedicated logo on their work; this acts as a warning to copyright thieves and deters copyright infringement.

Where do I begin?

If you aren’t already a member and just want to register your designs, simply sign up here as a Silver member. Gold members have access to the service as part of their subscription and have the capability to upload five files included.

If you want to add more files than your subscription allows, extra files can be uploaded by adding the appropriate subscription to your account (after admin activation; usually within 24 hours). There are plans available for 25, 50 or 100 file uploads.

After uploading your files, a list of them appears in your GoJD account dashboard under the ‘Your Files’ tab. The digital certificate is also downloadable in the same area.


Why should I register my designs?

Registering your designs and drawing attention to the fact that they are protected helps to prevent copyright theft and, in the event of a dispute or lawsuit, provides valuable evidence for your claim of ownership for the designs. You have the right to sue for damages if someone is using your design without permission and evidence will need to be provided to back up the claim of ownership. The old method of posting designs to yourself and leaving them unopened after delivery is unsuitable as evidence of ownership and is easy to fake. Registering with an independant witness weighs the case in your favour but, as with all court cases, the judges decision is final and many factors are taken in to account with regard to how similar the two designs are.

The Guild of Jewellery Designers are willing to provide an affidavit as to the validity of your registration to help in support of your claim.

In the event of a dispute, The Guild of Jewellery Designers can act as an impartial independent witness, providing evidence to substantiate your claim.

We can verify when the work was first registered by means of a Certificate of Witness, (further copies can be downloaded in your GoJD account area along with the original files uploaded), and at your instruction we can produce copies of the work as proof of the content of your work at the registration date, these can be sent to any address you specify, this may be your solicitor, or the judge/tribunal dealing with your case.

If you want to grant access to your digital certificate to a third party, you can provide them with your file serial number for them to search and download from our search portal here:

Search Portal


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