Adding Your GoJD Logo/Badge

Instructions for adding the GoJD logo/insurance badge to display on your website.

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Adding the logo

Adding Code for Your Website Guild Logo/Insurance Badge

The Guild logo is applied to a Silver and Gold members’ website with a simple piece of code found in your account dashboard displayed in the ‘Guild Logo/Insurance Badge’ panel when logged in, this shows a logo which corresponds to whatever GoJD subscription you have, Silver or Gold.

When the logo is clicked on, it displays a text box confirming your eligibility and, for members that have PPL insurance, confirmation of your cover. 

In the case of GoJD members with a Gold Plus or Extra subscription including PPL insurance, this is an excellent way to have an authentic trust symbol on your site that is more than just displaying a logo which may or may not be genuine. An authentic trust logo can instil confidence in visitors and encourage sales.

If you have a website based on a template most of the time you only need to insert the code into one file, usually the footer file.

Bigcommerce Users

(Using the new Stencil themes) Login to your admin area and navigate to: Storefront > Script manager. ‘Create a Script’, enter a name and choose the ‘Footer’, ‘All pages’ and ‘Script’ radio buttons then add your code to the ‘Script contents’ panel and save – really simple! 

WordPress Users

Login to your admin area, click on Customise > Editor and choose the ‘Theme Footer’ (footer.php’) file. Scroll to the bottom of the file and add your code on a new line before the </body> tag – ‘update file’ and you’re good to go!

WIX Users

Login to your WIX website dashboard click ‘edit website’ and click on ‘Settings’ at the top. From the dropdown choose ‘Tracking and Analytics’. 

Next choose ‘New Tool’ and ‘Custom’, paste your GoJD script code into the text box. Choose the ‘Add code to all pages’ radio button and ‘load code on each new page’. 

Choose ‘place code in Body End’ radio button.  Click ‘Apply’, save website and publish.

Other Website Systems:

Websites not built on a template system will probably need the code adding to each page you want the logo to display on separately. If you have a system that allows you to create a custom module which you can set to display on all pages (eg. a footer), then simply, using the text editor in HTML source mode, add your code there and save your module.

When your code has been added, it is important to ensure that the web address you have the code installed on, corresponds with the web address entered in your Guild account dashboard profile otherwise the logo won’t display. In the case of a site using SSL encryption, it may be necessary to add the whole address including the https:// in your GoJD member profile.

Various settings are available in your guild account dashboard for how you would like the logo to display. (Click ‘Settings’ under the logo script)

If you’re not familiar with adding code to your website and this all sounds a bit daunting for you, don’t worry, just give us a call and we can try to help you.

If you are an Odissa Seller, you can elect to have you logo/badge display in your Odissa shop and profile. Please contact us to arrange this.

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