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Social Media for Jewellery Brands

Everyone knows what a major role social media plays in digital marketing strategy, but with so many platforms out there, it can be hard to decide which will be most effective for you. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use social media for jewellery brands. It goes without saying that jewellery is a very […]

Tool for Pricing Jewellery and Craft Maker Products

Use the GoJD Free Tool To Calculate Profit Margin Accurately pricing your products is an essential part of running a successful on or offline business, but the process is often miscalculated leading to low or no profits. Undervalued work is often a factor in the amount of sales you achieve and price isn’t always the […]

Using Nylon Jaw Pliers

A commonly asked question from those who are new to wire working is what kind of tools are recommended for beginners? Beyond the essential wire wrapping tools, a tool that is highly recommended if you plan to do a lot of wire wrapping and wire working is a pair of flat nose pliers with Nylon jaws. […]

Choosing a Digital Caliper

Calipers are one of the most useful instruments in the jewellery maker’s toolbox and a tool that has added more accuracy and ease for taking measurements both for the seasoned professional and home/hobbyist use, but choosing the right one from the vast selection of models on offer can be like navigating a minefield. There are […]

Cutting a Titanium Ring off a Finger

There are a lot of myths and legends concerning this topic so I will try to put the record straight. Titanium is a material that is not particularly hard but is very strong and has a high tensile strength. Many people are unsure as to the difference between hardness and tensile strength and often get […]


This heat based process creates a ridged and rippled effect across the surface of the silver, it is a unique effect and once the process has been mastered can produce stunning results. Sterling silver and fine silver may be used for the process, but reticulation results are more effective using specifically processed reticulation silver, this […]