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GOJD Designer Directory Premium Listings Now Free

All GoJD members receive a Premium listing in the GoJD Designer Directory; Silver, Gold and non members can now all take advantage of the free Premium listing which benefits drom all the features of the Directory. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of the listings as the directory receives good natural rankings in Google […]

Bjorn Diamonds

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new supplier partner to The Guild of Jewellery Designers, Bjorn Diamonds for ‘Salt and Pepper’, black and champagne diamonds. Salt and pepper diamonds , others may call them grey diamonds or Galaxy diamonds, are diamonds with many black inclusions, the colour of the diamond would need […]

Jewellery Reunited

The Guild of Jewellery Designers are pleased to announce the addition of a new lost jewellery location service. This service is aimed at people who have lost items of jewellery and offers them a chance to get it back. In a nutshell, a web address and serial number are engraved onto the jewellery. If the […]

‘Peel and Stick’ Wax Seal Making Service

peel and stick wax seals

We are pleased to announce that the GoJD ‘Peel and Stick’ wax seal making service is available to utilise through the guild shop. A selection of standard designs will be added on a regular basis along with customised bespoke designs. The seals can even be embedded with an NFC tag to direct visitors to your […]

Design Copyright Registration Service

We are pleased to announce the long awaited introduction of the GoJD/BPA Design Copyright Registration Service which is now available to use in members’ account dashboards. BPA Platinum, GoJD Standard Gold and Gold Plus members receive 5 file uploads and GoJD Gold Extra/BPA Pearl members 10 file uploads as part of their membership package. Silver […]

Odissa listings included in all memberships

The option to list products on the GoJD selling platform has now been extended to all levels of membership. *Silver members have the option to list up to 20 products with a commission on sales of 10% – no monthly charge *Standard Gold and Gold Plus members can upload unlimited products with a commission on […]

Win a Smith’s Little Torch #gojdmarchcomp

****Competition Closed for this year. Better luck next year! 🙂 *** The Guild of Jewellery Designers are giving away a fabulous Smith’s Little torch; 2nd year running. It appears it’s a yearly event now; pencil the month March into your diary! 🙂 To enter, for a change, we don’t want to see your jewellery so much, […]

Preventing Jewellery Store Robberies

A jewellery shop is one of the most prestigious retail fronts to run. It is usually well known in the area it is in, and more often than not highly profitable. However, with the benefits of running jewellers, there are also drawbacks, specifically coming from criminals. Recently, criminals have become more technical and well thought out […]

Using Nylon Jaw Pliers

A commonly asked question from those who are new to wire working is what kind of tools are recommended for beginners? Beyond the essential wire wrapping tools, a tool that is highly recommended if you plan to do a lot of wire wrapping and wire working is a pair of flat nose pliers with Nylon jaws. […]