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B2b GoJD Connect: the new b2b hub!

Unite Your Brands

GoJD Connect is a jewellery orientated website building platform for retailers, manufacturers and brands of all sizes.

Do you manufacture jewellery or represent a brand?

Easily showcase your products to retailers and allow a direct product feed to their GoJD Connect website.

Are you a jewellery retailer?

Browse for products for your shop, build your website and choose a brand to display their products on the site, add your markup and start selling alongside your own products. Additional accounts with participating brands required to display product feeds.

Gojd connect

Join the GoJD Private Community

Download the mobile app or join through your web browser.

Login through the app to manage your account, discuss jewellery or general topics and access all areas of the Guild through the convenience of your mobile phone or tablet.

Suggest a Supplier Partner to approach for a discount.

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Available Now! The Odissa App

Manage all aspects of your Odissa shop, receive order notifications or update your products on the move.

Start setting up your shop today and list your products on the GoJD selling platform, Odissa, as part of your GoJD Gold subscription. 

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