Ethical Diamonds – New Supplier Partner

Do you know where to get ethically sourced diamonds from that go way beyond conflict-free?

A truly ethical Diamond that is 100% traceable and part of a system that gives rock-solid proof that nobody in the supply chain has been adversely affected by the journey of the Diamond from the mine through to the end buyer?

Furthermore, diamonds that help to improve the lives of those working within the supply chain and do no harm to the surrounding environment?

And with a 10% discount for Gold members?


Well you do now!

Check out new supplier partner Serendipity Diamonds on GoJD Connect for CanadaMark Diamonds.

Talking of GoJD Connect. We’ve just added something NEW!

For all you budding photographers (or professionals of course!) we now have a stock image service whereby you can upload your jewellery related photos for digital download under Royalty Free Standard or Enhanced licence – think of it as a niche jewellery related marketplace of images similar to Shutterstock!

Registering to sell is free with a 15% commission on sales – you get to keep far more of the revenue generated than you do from other well known services.

So, if you think your images are saleable, or if you’re looking for stock images to use on your website, head on over to take a look – this one’s a grower! 🙂

Register using the ‘Digital File Contributor’ package to upload your high resolution image or 3D model files for 3D printing (Work on an example 4,000px x 4,000px x 300dpi size and resolution, but no cats unless wearing jewellery! Hmm… that gives me an idea – I have 5 cats! 🙂

Registration needed to buy and download. Registration is also free.

Lots more to tell you but I’ll save that for another day!

Stay safe!

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