How We Aren’t Responding To COVID-19!

In the last couple of weeks, our inboxes have been over-flowing with COVID-19 emails:

  • “Hey, it’s the restaurant you visited five years ago. This is how we are responding to the virus.”
  • “You visited our site in 2015. Here is some random stay-at-home advice that may or may not work.”
  • “You didn’t subscribe to our list but we thought we’d send you our policy about the virus anyway”

To tell the truth, we don’t have any more advice from what you’ve already read or heard from doctors and the government, we’re trying to work our way through it just like you. Things have moved on so fast in the last couple of weeks that all that could change and be out of date tomorrow.

We’re jewellery makers not doctors, so we aren’t really qualified! 🙂

All I can promise is that The Guild of Jewellery Designers will continue our commitment to provide support to our members as best we can while the country (and the world) is in turmoil.

Exhibitions cancelled? Build up your online presence – we have a marketplace for that. Odissa

Want to connect with other makers to rant or just read? We have a Facebook group and a mobile app for that.

Normality will return one day but, for now, we just carry on without panicking and ride the wave whilst keeping a keen eye open for bog roll! 🙂



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