Odissa Update 2

Odissa Update Number 2: This is quite a big one (it cost enough to get done anyway! 🙂

We now have an enhanced order management tool in the Odissa backend admin area which allows shop owners to manage all their orders whether placed through Odissa or from any sales channel. Eg. Etsy, Not on the High Street, own website etc.

Orders can be entered manually and the display acts as an organiser so you can view at a glance the order details and plan which order needs working on and when it’s due for completion.

Members can create colour coded backgrounds for different status flags, add internal note references and orders change colour when they become due within 3 days to point them out so you can start panicking! 🙂

We developed it for GETi on the new GoJD Connect B2B site so we can organise our engraving orders, but it works so well we thought it might be useful for others too.

See what you think!

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