The German Packaging Act

The German Packaging Act came in to force at the beginning of 2019 and affects anyone sending items to or within Germany and with packaging. (As you can imagine, practically every item would have some sort of packaging!)

So, if you’re an online retailer and, even if only sending one package to Germany, you would be required to register with LUCID (which is free) and take part in the dual recycling scheme by paying for a licence to cover the amount of packaging you would be sending to Germany for the year.

Prices vary between scheme operators and, if you only send one package to Germany all year, it could be expensive.

Options are: 

  • Refuse orders from Germany and stop sending items
  • Register and pay the licence fee
  • Wing it, send it anyway and hope that they don’t spot it!

‘Winging it’ and hoping it gets there is potentially ok at the moment in the early stages of the scheme, but if even one item gets stopped, it could be costly having to remake, give refunds, etc.

However, there is an alternative, I’m pleased to say that members of The Guild of Jewellery Designers now have the option to register their brand name with LUCID through their GoJD account dashboard.

£7/year will cover you for a 10 Kilo allocation (about 500 D1 size Jiffy bags as an example) and you can register by logging in to your account and clicking on the ‘Add/Renew Subscription’ link and look for the ‘LUCID GPA’ link under ‘Yearly’ or ‘Monthly’ subscriptions.

Don’t forget to add the company or brand name that you would like to register in your profile, then sit back and relax! Job done! 🙂

If you use your full allocation of 500 D1 bags, it adds about 1.5p on to your postage costs – well worth it if it gets your orders through! 🙂

Any questions, please give us a shout.

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