Jewellery Reunited

The Guild of Jewellery Designers are pleased to announce the addition of a new lost jewellery location service. This service is aimed at people who have lost items of jewellery and offers them a chance to get it back.

In a nutshell, a web address and serial number are engraved onto the jewellery. If the item is lost and subsequently found, the finder, more often than not, will find the mark, visit the website and enter the serial number into the found jewellery form. This then triggers an email to notify the owner of the item that it’s been found and who to contact to arrange collection or delivery; job done!

The service is set up with an affiliate scheme so that GoJD members can add banners to their website or social media and receive a recurring 10% commission from successful sign ups; very similar to the GoJD member affiliate scheme. Join here

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