Forums Revisited!

Forums Revisited!

Due to frequent requests to reinstate it, we are pleased to reveal that the old GoJD Forums area has been dusted off, given a revamp and is now open for business once again.

It’s possible that forum regular, Ingrid, will be making appearances and posting about her adventures in jewellery making, so look out for those! 🙂

We’ve always found, although useful, Facebook groups lack certain flexibility that forums offer and, along with issues regarding security and the fact that you never seem to be able to find the information again that you briefly scanned over originally, we decided to dig out the old licence and reinstall the software.

We hope that you enjoy and make use of the new/old feature of the guild and, don’t worry about having to create a new account and remember yet another password, your GoJD account details should get you in so pop along and say hello.

If you don’t have a GoJD account yet, head over here to create one >>>

or visit the forums >>>

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