Household Buildings Insurance for Jewellery Makers

A common problem we come across with guild members is the refusal of buildings insurance when an insurer finds out jewellery making is involved through our brokers Hencilla Canworth.

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer all members, Silver and Gold, a facility for house buildings insurance.

A proposal form is available for download in the member account dashboard. Please forward your completed form to Marian Harper at Hencilla Canworth e:

Other information to include on the form:

Level of stock.

Describe what level of security you have. Is it a commercial premises? Do you have any business visitors to the property.

Will the property be mentioned in any advertising or included in contact details on a website?

The proposal form will be referred to Underwriters for their terms so as much information regarding  the jewellery making should be provided including where it is carried out, the fire precautions in place and what flooring there is in the area.  This may be for example  that a small workshop has been set up in an integral garage with concrete flooring.

Standard terms we would expect to see are the exclusion of any liability in respect of the business activities and theft limited to forcible and violent entry only if there are any business visitors.  Stock would not normally be included but despite this the Underwriters may ask whether there are any precious metals or gems involved.

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