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The Guild of Jewellery Designers is a collaboration of British jewellery designers and artisans ranging from part time enthusiasts to dedicated full time professionals offering support, PPL Insurance cover and networking. (*** Permanent Jewellery Services are excluded under our PPL policy ***)


We are a nationwide guild for jewellers and silversmiths offering practical help and advice to our members as well as forging links within the industry, enabling us to offer the best opportunities to GoJD members.

We also provide a platform for artisans, to be able to share their expertise and knowledge of jewellery design with fellow members and at the same time enhance their professional profiles and improve the SEO on their own personal websites with backlinks.

The Guild is open to all levels of skill – we’re not here to judge your work and see ourselves as a positive, nuturing organisation. If you are a UK jeweller or silversmith and feel that you would like the support of other professionals in your industry, then join us today, for free.

As an organisation we want to create as many opportunities as possible for you to share, enjoy and learn about all aspects of making jewellery. Our aim is also to help promote UK jewellery designers and to offer our members substantial discounts for products and services ranging from tools and courses to insurance and website building from participating supplier partners.

This website is the central hub of the guild where you can share your jewellery making techniques, hints and tips in the form of article tutorials or videos.

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GoJD Connect is a jewellery orientated website building platform for retailers, manufacturers and brands of all sizes.

Do you manufacture jewellery or represent a brand?

Easily showcase your products to retailers and allow a direct product feed to their GoJD Connect website.

Are you a jewellery retailer?

Browse for products for your shop, build your website and choose a brand to display their products on the site, add your markup and start selling alongside your own products. Additional accounts with participating brands required to display product feeds.

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