There's no doubt about it, the biggest trend for the coming season is oversized, often heavily textured jewellery, and bright faux stones and metals - big glass gems, lots of mixed metals (brass and copper are featuring a lot in the predominantly warm colour combinations).

Lots of big, often beaded bangles in tropical colours mixed in with faux bone, fabric and leather. Textured metal to mix and match, with more glass, gems and stones featuring again. More is definitely more for a change! Necklaces are huge, but not necessarily weighty - alternative materials like resin and plastic are featuring heavily, and asymmetry is very much in style. Big chains with bigger pendants in playful shapes with natural materials thrown in for good measure - expect to see wood and floral motifs in bright colours
Watches are big too - the biggest style is definitely the cuff watch, with skeleton frames close behind. Worn with bangles and bracelets, and often in multiples, time is being shown off as a statement.
But it's not all about fashion jewellery. Precious metals are still up there, but not necessarily for fashion jewellery - even silver is being kept for investment pieces and special occasions as the price continues to spiral upwards. The season's gold colour trend is being expressed in brass and copper - brass in particular is enjoying a huge resurgence, and bright plated metals are big - as are alternatives - acrylic, resin, fabric, wood and leather dominate the catwalks - there's no shame in fake right now. Non traditional metals are also getting a lot more of a look in - including titanium and niobium, with Palladium becoming a very viable precious metal since getting its own hallmark.
The other important trend that we're seeing, especially at the higher end of the market, is the definite move towards appreciating artisan made pieces - studio jewellers and designer makers are more in demand than ever - helped by the success of platforms like etsy, and the emergence of more handcrafted work in just about every medium - in jewellery, homewares and even fashion. A unique piece, especially a commissioned one, is at last being perceived as having more integral value than the mass produced high street accessory. Personalised pieces - stamped, printed and even co-designed, are more popular than ever, whilst collectable 'system' jewellery, as well as fine fashion fashion pieces from big brand names are still very much in vogue.

For designers, there's a great opportunity to let their customers really express their own personal style, with wild mix and matches, unique colour combinations and bespoke pieces sitting happily side by side.

It's definitely a time to let some creativity come out to play. We have no idea whether this summer's going to be a scorcher or a washout, so let's make sure that at least the jewellery's going to bring some sunshine into everyone's lives.

George Harper East