As predicted colourful jewellery is big this season; but as winter draws ever closer and warmer wardrobes are purchased there are three hues that are standing head and shoulders above the rest as sure fire winners:

RED is this seasons ‘it’ colour. Coats, dresses, jewellery – customers are looking to wear it & accessorise with it. Gold/copper/bronze jewellery is a good choice to co-ordinate with red clothes whilst red jewellery (gems, leather, enamels etc.) should prove popular as an accent.





WHITE. Also featured in a big way at the moment. Silver, clear crystals (diamonds!), pearls, colourless resins/perspex, moonstone, and white enamel are the perfect accompaniment.







BLACK is always a classic, but have you ever seen quite so many girls in top-to-toe black than at this time? Black onyz jewellery is proving popular right now as is jet and even black resin, leather and enamels.





As with all trends, how much they apply to your customers will be highly individual to your business and your clientele. A sale in the community hall of a country village will feel the impact or a brief trend less than, say, a shop or stall in a major city – it’s for you to decide how much it will effect the buying habits of your customers.
If you already make jewellery pieces that fit into these colour ranges then it may be wise to move them to the front of your displays or highlight them on your website, pointing out the pieces that co-ordinate with current fashions.

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