Unleashing youthful energy, fresh ideas and innovative creations, Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery is delighted to introduce Nine New Graduates buzzing on the radar this year!

Technology meets art meets jewellery in this amazing collection that includes Smart Materials colour changing jewellery, kinetic gemstone rings and tough titanium Highland Clan Thistle Brooches – just a few of the visual treats created by this year’s new wave of graduates.


Based at Salts Mill since 1996, Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery is renowned for its annual pick of the crop of new talents from across the UK’s universities. Curator Kath Libbert who selected the nine artists says ‘I always look for individuality and a fresh approach and the work of this year’s graduates is sure to surprise and stimulate!’

A (very) small selection of the exhibits include:







Beth Spowart, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee – 1st Class Honours, uses Smart Materials to create innovative jewellery which interacts uniquely with each individual wearer by changing colours through the stimulus of their body heat – an exciting experience for the wearer and definitely a conversation opener!

Rebecca E Smith, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee - 1st Class Honours, discovered 300 wonderful love letters sent between her grandparents during World War ll and wanted as a testament to both this love story and to the power of letter writing, now a lost art, to create sentimental one off brooches, earrings and necklaces capturing the original handwriting, old photographs and vintage colours in a subtle palette of enamels. On an interactive note, Rebecca invites visitors to this exhibition to let her create jewellery capturing their own personal artefacts.

Lindsay Hill, Glasgow School of Art, BA Honours, employs advanced digital technologies to set stones kinetically in her striking rings whose bold symmetrical lines are also inspired by the facets on the gemstones they house. Both supremely elegant and great fun – the glinting gem tilts backwards and forwards as you move!

Karen Elizabeth Donovan, Edinburgh College of Art, MA Distinction, masterfully moves that hardest of metals titanium to create exquisite filigree-like necklaces bracelets and Highland Clan brooches gently tinted in blues, greens and golds. Scotland’s rich social history, its flora, and the materiality of titanium are her inspiration: “Plants define the character of a Nation or place. In Vermont, where I was born, we define ourselves by the Maple Tree. In Scotland we are often defined by the Thistle…..Titanium has a certain feel to it; a noise it makes when I brush my hand across it, and a smell it creates when I pierce, file and sand it. It is lightweight, strong, durable, and springy. It presents challenges to overcome and work around. It is sensual and it is home.”

Prudence Horrocks, Edinburgh College of Art, MA, inspired by the drawn line and a desire to replicate the patterns that are possible in pen and ink into jewellery, has crafted a beautiful series of rings, brooches and necklaces. In a classic palette of matt white and black acrylic she has embedded fine lines of silver and gold, creating a sophisticated elegant and supremely wearable collection.

This exhibition is showing now and until 25 January 2015
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