Agata KoselHere are two more of the incredibly talented jewellers who will be exhibiting with us on November 23 at The Waterhall in Birmingham. Come along between 10am and 5pm for this one day exhibition, situated in the heart of the creative metalwork region of the UK.














Sintamani designer Priya takes inspiration from repetitive patterns seen in historic Indian architecture, textiles and jewellery. For her work, lines are picked out from traditional Indian patterns and translated into simple geometric drawings which are then used to create linear 2D and 3D forms. The outcome for each design is a decorative motif, the Lotus flower, symbolic in India. The shapes are created using computer aided design. Once the designs are produced a range of bench skills are utilised to construct each piece. Priya’s idea was to create a contemporary version of traditional Indian jewellery; jewellery which is functional yet striking, that adorns the body beautifully. The collections are crafted using precious metals and gemstones. Priya travels the world collecting unusual stones to use in her jewellery. Her body of work consists of the Blue and Star Lotus series, the Holi and Zari collections.


Agata Kosel

Agata KoselAgata KoselAgata Kosel







Agata Kosel is a breath of fresh air within the jewellery world. Her unique sculptural pieces are worn on the body and are born out of her interest in the fluid forms of nature, focusing mainly on the female body. A fascinating debut 'The Quean' was created to enhance and celebrate the female body. The collection is directly influenced by body curves and the relationship between body and object. Agata creates simply constructed but well thought out pieces that explore the different areas of the body. She calls them wearable sculptures for both men & women, giving jewellery a new fresh definition. Designed for a broad audience and to be affordable, she wants her range to be seen by each customer from a different linear perspective, creating an experience of a personal journey or sensuality.

Date: 23 November 2013
Time: 10am - 5pm
Entrance: FREE
Location: The Waterhall, Birmingham Museum and Art Galleries, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham B3 3DH
Hot & cold refreshments available, including cake!

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