London Jewellery Week is here and to see the cream of British contemporary jewellery your first stop would have to be the Goldsmiths’ Pavilion. Located in the East Wing Galleries at Somerset House on The Strand, it is presently showing the work of 80 of the UK’s most prominent and cutting edge jewellers and provides a fascinating insight to the trends and shapes that are current right now.

Amongst the trove of glittering jewels, diamonds and pearls, here were some notable themes:


-    Fine, intricate detail, both on the small pieces and larger statement jewellery. Noon Mitchelhill incorporates stunning detail into some outsized pieces of jewellery, creating mouthwatering expanses of decorative metal, as well as crafting tiny delicate ear pieces that seem all the more precious for their detail.









-    Mixed metal finishes, black, white, yellow, polished, brushed, hammered and engraved metal elements alongside each other in the same pieces and ranges. Juxtaposing metal treatments are almost ubiquitous at this years' Goldsmiths' Pavilion.









-    Massive gems, all cuts, all colours. Jewellers are now searching out more unusual stones and shapes for discerning customers who are keen to wear a jewel with a difference and are also interested in the origin and ethics of their gems.










-    New classics. Conventional jewellery arrangements reworked into pieces that are unique, and yet still familiar, accessible and wearable. There isn't anything new about the concept of a gem set ring, but a talented creative mind can inject fresh energy into an age old design, creating truly unique pieces that can still be worn with ease.









-    Invention. Unique conceptual jewellery, often with moving parts or interlocking elements – the innovations of dedicated artist jewellers who are crafting intimate pieces that a wearer can interact with.







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