Tara Kirkpatrick has been making jewellery for nearly 15 years, mostly as a designer maker. She graduated from the Birmingham School of Jewellery in 1992 and and went on to work for a master goldsmith in Warrington, subsequently moving into a studio in the Manchester Craft and Design Centre in 1997.

Since 1999 she has been designing and making her own jewellery exclusively. In November 2007 Tara opened ‘Clarity’, an independent jewellery gallery in the picturesque historic market town of Knutsford where she designs and makes in the workshop on the premises.

“I think the circle and the spiral are calm shapes that nobody could find fault with. The circular form is simple perfection. I also don’t like to create much waste so working with wire really appeals to me. I love the reflective qualities of silver and the rich yellowness of gold. I am not inspired by any one particular thing but can be inspired by the majesty of nature whether that is in form, colour or even smell but equally I can be inspired by architecture or an art exhibition. Just the feel good factor you can get by seeing something refreshing.

I might do a few scribbles that only I can decipher but then most of the design work is then directly in the metal, in fact I find the 2D format restrictive in the thought process when the aim is to produce something 3D, and I am too impatient to design in CAD. This occasionally can result in making things that get scrapped but I don’t think any more than if a 2D drawing was brought to life, the transition doesn’t always work. I also like to create various different collections partly to keep myself interested by always making a variety of things using a range of skills and techniques and partly to try and produce jewellery in all price brackets making it accessible to as many people as possible.”

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