The British Silver Week 'Festival of Silver' launches at 'Pangolin London' fine art gallery in London's King's Cross from 9-13 May 2011 with five days of themed exhibitions featuring more than 100 of Britain's finest contemporary silversmiths.

The exhibitions will start on the 9th May with all 100 British Silver Week silversmiths displaying their work, followed by:

'Silversmithing Masters' Day' (10th May) featuring collections by 10 established master silversmiths.

'Decorative Silver, Engraving and Enamel' (11th May) featuring collections by 12 master silversmiths, chasers, engravers and enamellers.

'Rising Stars of BSW' (12th May) featuring collections by 12 of Britain's up-and-coming new silversmiths.

'Collections & Commissioning Day' (13th May) featuring two contemporary silver collections including the Pearson Collection and the work of 10 master silversmiths who will talk through their work and commissioning silverware.

Headlining the exhibitions will be Fred Rich, Malcolm Appleby, Wally Gilbert and Rebecca Joselyn.

The 'Festival of Silver' continues at selling venues across the UK from 6th June.