What sort of jewellery do you make? Handmade? Artisan?  Silver?  Gold?  Designer?  Unique? Gemstone? Add the word ‘jewellery’ to the end of any of these terms and type it into the search bar of your browser. It will list quite literally hundreds of websites.

Click on some of these websites. Some of them will be abandoned in mere moments for a variety of reasons; bad fonts, bad photos, bad grammar, (dare we say bad jewellery?), but there will be many more hundreds of really beautiful sites with really beautiful jewellery, all competing for the attention of the jewellery buying public.

So, just how do you go about making your website memorable to consumers?
GOJD spoke with two jewellery designers who have put extra thought and creativity into their marketing by adding unforgettable elements to their websites.

British jewellery designer Alex Monroe trained at Sir John Cass School Of Art in London, and uses nature to inspire his whimsical, intricately beautiful jewellery.  Alex’s jewellery is sold in over  100 shops in the UK as well as enjoying  a global following. Winner of the  prestigious ‘Designer of the Year’ award at the UK Jewellery Awards 2008, his jewellery is all handmade by skilled craftspeople in the UK.
A recent feature on his website has been ‘Alex Monroes’s 12 Days of Christmas’. The browsing customer is presented with a virtual advent calender with windows numbering from 1 to 12. Each window can only be opened on the morning of that date and once it’s opened allows the customer to buy that piece of exclusive jewellery – but only if they’re quick! All the pieces made by Alex Monroe for the calender were limited editions; limited to the number on the calender. So, day 1 offered  only one ‘partridge in a pear tree’ pendant, day 2 offered two ‘two turtle doves’ necklaces and so on. Once they were sold, that was it! No more!

Emma Burgin from Alex Monroe commented:

“The '12 Days' idea is very much an extension of our 'Trunk Show' idea, whereby we make one-off pieces, using various elements of Alex's collections.It's very much a case of "get it before it's gone", which is really exciting for our customers - and also for us!
'12 Days' has been an amazing success, and we've had some lovely customer feedback:

" Ooh I love 12 days of christmas website! A little butterfly made it my way last year so I'm not sure I'm allowed another treat...but we have just had a baby girl who my be in need of an heirloom! "

" I am LOVING your website with this. Tis brilliant. Really well done. Love that you can't open the other days either! "

" Awesome - really nicely done. the whole thing - the website design into it, the door, the picture, the tree with the partridge and the pear...how it dangles around...nicely done. "

"The little partridge on the necklace stand is so sweet. Someone is going to have a nice surprise on Christmas day "



The Guild also spoke with Kim Styles, a practicing jeweller for 25 years, about her website http://www.stylesdesign.co.uk/. Kim has a nine minute video on the homepage of her site taking the viewer from a sketch of her design for a ‘tiny daisy necklace’ right through its creation to the finished piece. I would have to admit that to begin with, nine minutes seemed as if it would be a long time to watch a video for; but I couldn’t have been more wrong! The video was completely captivating!
We asked her how she came upon the idea of making the video:


“ I have been doing ‘step by step’ photo records of making my pieces for some time.  People have commented that they found them interesting and it was good for me to have a record of how I made things too.  Much of my work is a one-off, so it is helpful to keep track of how I made certain items.  I have done a couple of courses on business optimising and having a video on the website was mentioned as a promotional tool.  So I asked a student who is a keen film maker if she would be willing to help out. 
I wanted to show just how much time and attention goes into producing one piece of handmade jewellery.  So much jewellery on the market now is churned out by the hundred and people don’t really think about where their jewellery comes from or how it is made.  I wanted to show the process of making a one-off piece right through from design to completed jewellery, to give buyers a better idea of much care has gone into their chosen piece.
I asked a film student I know if they would be willing to help me with this project.  I explained exactly what I wanted filmed, that it had to be close up to show the point the solder melts and runs for example.  I had a very limited budget so getting a professional company to do it for me was out of the question. It took the best part of a day, in short bursts.  So each section was filmed and then I took the piece of jewellery to the next stage ready for the next section of short film.  The film was then edited and music added.
I have had positive feedback and the hits on my website have increased dramatically since putting the film on my site.

My thought was the possibility of making a film for each customer commission, as a record for the customer of how their own piece was designed and made into the final piece of jewellery they now own.  I felt it would be an excellent way to show the story of the piece.”


With thanks to Emma Burgin from Alex Monroe; and Kim Styles

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