Sustainable luxury jeweller Choo Yilin has launched her “alternative to coral” collection. The collection, a homage to coral reefs and their importance to the ecology of the earth, is made entirely of 99.9% reclaimed sterling silver and vermeil as well as natural gemstones.


Together with non-profit group, Too Precious To Wear, the jeweller aims to educate the public on the importance of the preservation of coral reefs and the avoidance of purchasing jewellery made of real coral.
Said Choo, “Instead of using real coral that has been used traditionally in fine jewellery, we created jewellery pieces heavily inspired by coral reefs around the world, embellished with precious gemstones. It was our hope that with this collection – perfectly in line with the label’s design aesthetic of organic asymmetry and old-world glamour – we would be able to help raise awareness of the need to preserve coral reefs; one of the easiest ways to do that was simply to avoid purchasing real coral pieces. This tribute to coral would also hopefully demonstrate that it was possible to appreciate the indisputable beauty of coral without having to wear real coral.”
The jewellery pieces are based on actual coral species with the designer taking the liberty of adding her signature asymmetric touch by weaving randomly placed gemstones in the items.
“Coral by nature is extremely organic in its structure so it was a perfect, natural fit with the label’s design philosophy,” added Choo. The label’s design philosophy is life – that it is beautiful and yet flawed. For that reason, the label’s designs are always organic and asymmetrical, with a preference for including gemstones and textured metals.