Remember our friend Andrew Geoghegan and his cryptic remark about space rock?Well here it is, chaps – the following from Andrew’s blog:


Well I have harped on about these for long enough saying that we are using a truly ‘Out of This World’ material…..  Just back from our incredible photographers are the Celestial Cufflinks with Meteorite and Diamond.


It is not often I have the time to develop blokes  jewellery and is there anything more blokey than space rock?



The Meteorites are from Namibia and are called Gibeon. The experts tell me that these rocks fell in a rainfall style and are part Iron, Nickel and Iridium. We have set these fascinating rocks in palladium and framed them with stunning VVS brilliant cut Diamonds.


These rare creations will be exhibited at International Jewellery London at Earls Court from the 5th September to the 8th at the Johnson Matthey stand.

If you are interested in these cufflinks or would want to commission a pair then please get in touch.

Rather nice, eh?