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Pearls are classic. They have been valued and used as an adornment by humans for thousands of years. Ancient portraits of royalty and the gentry show them sporting pearls as a status symbol and pearls still remain a pivot of fashion jewellery, having rarely been missing from catwalks in the last 100 years.


As jewellery designers, we can appreciate the versatility and timeless quality that pearls can offer to jewellery pieces, harmonising beautifully with gemstones and lifting a jewellery piece to effortless luxury.

Mila Jewellery

I would imagine that guild members who have never used pearls in their work are in a minority, which is why the British Pearl Association in partnership with UL (an independent global safety company) have approached the GoJD to ask for the views of guild members about their perceptions of ethical pearl sourcing.

You don't have to be an expert about pearls or hugely knowledgable on the subject to take part in this survey: simply having used pearls in your jewellery work is enough for the BPA to be interested in your thoughts! They are in the process of devising a responsible pearl sourcing programme and need to garner the views of a large cross-section of UK jewellers in order to inform this process.

The survey will only take 5 minutes to complete and as a way of saying thank-you, all respondants will be entered in to a draw to win both a one year individual designer subscription to The BPA and a Guild of Jewellery Designers Gold Extra Membership, with a combined value of almost £200.

All of your answers will be kept in the strictest confidence, just click here to get started!

The survey will close on 8 December and the prize draw winner will be notified by email.

Many thanks!





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