LJS Silver DiplomaIncreasing interest in silver jewellery skills has prompted London Jewellery School to launch a specialised Diploma in Silver Jewellery.

The School already offers a wide range of one day workshops and week-long courses in silver but the team believes there is demand for longer courses giving students who have ambitions in silver jewellery the chance to develop silversmithing and bench skills.


The 26 week course (one day a week over two terms) will take would-be silver jewellers from basic techniques through to being able to design and produce their own professional quality silver collections. They will also learn to work with other materials such as wood and Perpsex as well as wax carving to create designs that can be cast in silver or other metals.

Course fees include all materials, tuition by professional jewellers in a group no larger than seven, and work bench days in the London Jewellery School studios.

The school’s founder Jessica Rose says: ‘Silver Jewellery has long been a favourite for makers and consumers alike, however we have found many people are put off learning silver, feeling that it may be too challenging or complex. This new Diploma is part of the London Jewellery School’s aim to tackle that problem by offering an accessible way of learning silver and bench skills that is open to all and delivered in a way that even the complete beginner can learn skills to make commercial quality collections'

All details of the Diploma in Silver Jewellery can be found here.

LJS is also home to the Diploma in Creative Jewellery

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