Jinks McGrathThe renowned summer selling exhibition from The Goldsmiths' Company opened it’s doors once again this week in the resplendent surroundings of Somerset House, on The Strand, just a stone's throw from Charing Cross Railway Station.

This year's Goldsmiths' Pavilion is even bigger and more vibrant than before,  accommodating larger rooms and including a wider variety of decorative arts.  

The exhibition is this year displaying an exquisite collection of handmade tables scattered amongst the cabinets of precious jewellery and tableware.

The truly stunning and inspirational array of wondrous objects on display right now at the Pavilion is a testament to the excellence and creative invention of British artisans.

As you would expect from The Goldsmiths' Company, the leading lights of the jewellery world are in attendance: Ute Decker, Daphne Krinos, Jocelyn Burton to name a few and I have picked out a handful of other highlights from the exhibition here, although there is no substitute for going to see the work first hand!

Rina Tairo
Rina Tairo








Born in Helsinki and based in Brighton, Rina began her career by studying  
fine art in various worldwide locations. She has subsequently developed a  
technique for fashioning beautifully exquisite jewellery by hand, using  
textile methods and customised tools. The result is an expansive collection  
of jewellery pieces, uniquely delicate and yet robust and incorporating  
cleverly co-ordinated stone collections. Rina's work has been sold in leading  
retail locations across the globe.

Samantha Moore
Samantha Moore








Northern Ireland based contemporary silversmith Sam Moore graduated in 2009  
from her BA (hons) Fine and Applied Art in the University of Ulster. Working  
under the tutelage of renowned Goldsmith Graham Harron, Sam has enjoyed  
success early in her career having work exhibited with the V&A, The  
Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and the National Trust.

Samantha is an amazingly creative artist. The bowl shown in the photograph is  
an interpretation of the swallows that flock close to her workshop just  
outside Ulster. She has balanced the bowl so that it is able to spin with the  
flick of a wrist, allowing the birds inside the bowl to glide around in  
circles; a perfect conversation piece with a perfect story.

Susan Beale
Susan Beale








Following completion of her BA (Hons) in 1999 at the Kent Institute of Art  
and Design Susan Beale has worked as a Designer Silversmith and Jeweller.

Having completed earlier studies in fashion and textiles, Susan still holds a  
fascination with texture and colour and taps into this influence with her  
work in precious metals and enamels. Her integral pieces are inspired by the  
lines and forms of nature, architecture and fashion, creating pieces that  
have a feel of the solid and natural about them - as if they have grown  
rather than being fabricated.

Katie Roberts
Katie Roberts








Katie Roberts is an award winner jewellery designer, maker and goldsmith who  
has developed her own distinctive jewellery making technique and style by  
exploring the capabilities of precious metals.

Katie's collection at The Goldsmiths' Pavilion this year is a wonder of  
meticulous construction. At first glance her three dimensional pieces seem  
solid and architectural with the most subtle of parallel folds and satin  
finishes. It isn't until you hold one of these chrysalis like pieces in your  
hand and realise it's feather like weight that it becomes apparent that these  
are hollow forms, hand fabricated with astonishing accuracy.

Anna Loucah
Anna Loucah









Always a collector and maker of small treasures, London based ethical  
goldsmith Anna Loucah creates luxurious and unique designs inspired by world  
journeys and mystical imagery.

Anna’s latest work draws inspiration from her long held fascination for  
historical and bejewelled tradition and symbolism, celebrating the diverse  
stories to be found in the jewellery collections and trinket boxes of   
well-travelled and curious jewellery lovers.

Anna aims to source all metals, gems and pearls from traceable, recycled or  
Fairtrade sources.

Sonia Cheadle
Sonia Cheadle








Sonia Cheadle has established a reputation for fresh and innovative style,   
placing her at the very forefront of Britain’s precious jewellery arena.

Insistent on the highest quality of materials and finishing, Sonia designs  
and makes each piece by hand from her Clerkenwell studio in central London,  
where she also runs a small private school dedicated to the design and  
creation of beautiful jewellery.

Her collection consists of pieces that are designed with seemingly disparate  
elements, but that married together create jewellery which is classic,  
personal and eminently wearable, whilst maintaining a unique style.

Alexandra Raphael
Alexandra Raphael








Alexandra Raphael has perfected the ancient craft of enamelling over many  
years. Specialising in Plique-à-jour (or backless enamel) and cloisonné  

Largely self taught, Alexandra has developed her own unique and very personal  
cloisonné jewellery. She has exhibited widely both here in the UK and  
internationally, receiving numerous awards for her enamel jewellery and  
bowls. Many of her pieces are prized by collectors or in the permanent  
collections of museums.

Her new "Celestial Dream Series" beautifully exhibits delicate ethereal  
images reflected within the gold and silver. Inspired by crystal shaped  
semi-precious beads with fleeting forms and symbols floating and dancing  
across the jewels, the pieces are shaded in translucent pastel coloured  
glass. Alexandra's work is nothing less than a joyful explosion of colour and  
contour; shapes and hues are juxtaposed without clear rules or patterns, but  
with absolute perfection.

Jinks McGrath
Jinks McGrath








A household name to many jewellery makers, Jinks McGrath is a designer jeweller, teacher and author, creating sublime one-off jewellery pieces for commission and exhibition.
Her stunning work is rich in texture, colour and shape, with each piece proving a delight.
A visit to see her work is always a must, if for no other reason than because you may never get the chance to see that jewellery piece again!

Maria Frantzi
Maria Frantzi








Born on the Greek island of Rhodes, Maria Frantzi's parents were jewellers and she thus developed a deep passion for jewellery, playing with jewellery pieces in the same that way most children play with toys.

Maria opened her first jewellery workshop in 1988 and now sells her work to a range of shops and galleries in Europe, the Middle East and the U.S., as well as a growing number of individual clients.

Maria's jewellery cabinet at the Goldsmiths' Pavilion resembles an ancient pirate treasure trove; bursting with a kaleidoscope of richly coloured gems in opulent settings, all with a touch of the 'ancient'. Oxidised metal finishes and richly embellished details make each piece a scrumptious treat!

Jayne Coulson