Grainne Morton The foyers of London’s National Theatre and Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre have been transformed into massive showcases for worldwide contemporary jewellery.

From Finland to France, Korea to Croatia, India to China, Dazzle brings together a showcase of some of the biggest names in the contemporary jewellery firmament, as well as introducing the usual clutch of rising stars, hand picked from the graduate shows; providing a much anticipated, annual, industry barometer of all that is exciting and new in the contemporary jewellery world.

With a total of over 7,000 pieces of unique, hand made jewellery at the two exhibitions, as well as a roster of printmakers, silversmiths and installation artists, Dazzle has a Christmas gift for everyone; all direct from the makers, ready to take home and covering £35 stocking fillers to £7,500 budget blowers.
Sue Gregor

While all the work is characterised by keystones of quality, innovation and creative courage, the similarities end there; as every conceivable style, price, technique and material packs the Dazzle display cabinets.

Figurative, sculptural, illustrative, architectural, kinetic … Dazzle has a designer for everyone, each drawing on a wealth of disparate inspiration, from plants to sea life, mineral formations to memories, origami to fairy tales; and all created from a tantalisingly diverse menu of materials.

Alongside such classic designers as Josef Koppmann, Jean Scott-Moncrieff and award-winning pearl jeweler Lilian Busch - each working their timeless magic on the highest calibre of precious metals and stones - is a bevvy of talent who are discovering beauty and power iVictoria Walkern the most innocuous of materials.

Grainne Morton uses vintage, found objects that make each of her pieces beautifully unique and unrepeatable, whilst Jacqueline Cullen rediscovers forgotten materials, rescuing the innate beauty of Whitby jet from its Victorian mourning legacy, to contemporary ends.

Keep a further eye out for Jed Green, with a spectacular range crafted from glass tubes and the technical genius of such kinetic jewellers as that master of miniaturisations, Nick Hubbard, and Victoria Walker, whose exquisitely engineered new rose locket can be seen in action here.

Jed Green









Dazzle London - A showcase of almost 90 makers selling over 4250 pieces, the National Theatre is Dazzle’s biggest annual exhibition.
venue: Olivier theatre foyer, Royal National Theatre, South Bank, London. SE1 9PX
dates: 5th November 2012 – 6th January 2013
opening times: 9.30am – 10.00pm (Monday – Saturday)
entrance: free
Jacqueline Cullen








Dazzle Manchester - As the birthplace of Dazzle, the Royal Exchange Theatre is always a favourite venue, this year welcoming a 50 strong line-up of exciting designers selling some 2750 pieces
venue: Royal Exchange Theatre, St Ann’s Square, Manchester, M2 7DH
dates: 18th November – 31st December 2012
opening times: 9.30am – 7.30pm (8pm on Saturdays)
tel: 0161 833 9333 (during exhibition hours)
entrance: free

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