Guild member Claire Vardon and her business partner, Nicky, specialise in creating unique jewellery pieces from their own hand forged findings coupled with exquisite recycled glass beads. Their business, Jewellery with Attitude, gets most of their recycled beads from from Magie Relph at African Fabrics, who sources them from the bead artist Oklah Tetteh, based in Koforidua, Ghana. Crafts such as the manufacture of recycled glass beads, play a substantial part in the sustainable development of Africa.


The beads are made from recycled bottle glass and, as the beads are made by hand, the variations in shape and texture add to the unique nature of each jewellery piece.

One of Oklah's most beautiful and popular colours is Bombay Blue, which he makes from Bombay Sapphire gin bottles.  Oklah is experiencing a problem right now as not many Ghanaians drink Bombay Sapphire and the raw material is hard to come by.

Are you able to help Oklah?

If you have any old Bombay Sapphire bottles in your recycling bin, maybe you can take them to Magie Relph of 'The African Fabric Shop' at one of the events listed on her Events Diary page. She will save them up and take them to Oklah on her next trip.

Thank you - from Oklah Tetteh

If you are interested to see how the beads are made click here.