We’d like to extend a huge ‘thank-you’ to all of our members who took the time to complete the New Year survey. It has and will help us a great deal to understand the climate for UK jewellers and to be able to tailor our content and efforts towards better meeting your needs.

So, what did we find out?

To begin with, 100% of respondents make jewellery, so that’s a good start!

About you:

40% of you describe yourselves as proficient in your craft, 54% as intermediate and 6% as beginners

On selling:

Around 10% of members who answered sell other people’s jewellery as well as their own and almost 7% employ other people to make and/or sell their jewellery, leaving the vast majority of guild members (90%) who make and sell their own jewellery.

Nearly 40% own a ‘bricks & mortar’ retail outlet, over 45% have a website, 20% sell from stalls at markets and craft/art venues and close to 24% of answering members sell within the trade.

On the GoJD website:

When asked about how frequently you visit the website, the answers were – 

Daily 8%

Weekly 13%

Monthly 30%

Less frequently than once a month 23%

Whenever an email notification is received 26% (2-3 times weekly)

We asked questions about the most and least enjoyed articles on the GoJD website and you let us know that the most popular are jewellery making techniques & tutorials (97%) marketing (74%) and designer interviews (70%), whilst the genre of article that 57% of you didn’t want to see published on the guild website was wedding jewellery (we were quite surprised about that one!) 

What are we going to do about it?

After scrutinizing the results and reading the comments that were made on the surveys, we’ve made a couple of changes already and are using the information to guide the future content on the GoJD website. 

After reading that over 50% of members check the website once a month or less often, we have extended the homepage to two pages instead of one, so that it is easier to catch up with what has been published in past weeks.  We have also begun a new series of marketing articles written specifically for independent jewellers. One other change that we’ve made to the site is to include a login/logout facility on the main menu, enabling this function from any page on the website and not just the homepage/community page.

Around 30% of the completed surveys contained some useful suggestions of ways that we can improve the website and our service to members, which we are contemplating right now and using to plan new features. Needless to say, if you have an idea or suggestion, you don’t have to wait for us to launch another survey before letting us know what you think - we are always happy to hear feedback from our members! Just get in touch using the details on the contact page and if you have an article or tutorial for publication, so much the better! Remember that any submissions can be hyperlinked back to your own website, which improves search engine rankings for your site.

On the original launch of the survey we announced that we would be giving away two gold memberships for completed surveys. The guild is delighted to announce that the two lucky winners are Eloise Jean and Emma Gray.

Eloise Jean started designing jewellery at age 15 for an independent company in Australia. She has been creating bead and wire work pieces for many years taking inspiration from unusual antiques and quality precious stones. Having recently completed a silversmithing course at the local regional college, Eloise is inspired to finally dive into silversmithing and is looking to start her own business within the year.









Emma Gray has been making jewellery for 20 years and works as a self employed designer jeweller, creating pieces and taking commissions, in addition to offering tuition. She crafts unique, original handcrafted jewellery incorporating crystals, gemstones, pearls, beads, shells and enamels combined with silver & gold. Emma sells her jewellery through her own website as well as various independent retail outlets close to her studio in Co Durham."

Congratulations to both Emma and Eloise!

We thought it fitting to finish with a quotation from one of the surveys which was sent to us by Jeweller Rebecca Skeels:

"Everyone who is proficient is also a beginner... that’s the greatness of jewellery and metalwork, there is always more to learn and develop"