As part of our never ending endeavours to find new initiatives that bring benefits to members of the Guild of Jewellery Designers, we thought to ask our supplier partners if they could propose any benefits especially for the members of the GoJD.

We approached Cookson Precious Metals and they have generously offered some deals for both Silver and Gold members of the GoJD as well as a competition just for Gold members.

The offers are based around bullion and clay tools and and the competition is to win a set of fabulous hammers. Please login to the main guild site to view the details here >>>

We are also in the process of testing some new software based on the style of companies like ‘Groupon’, whereby we plan to offer a group buying service.  You can subscribe to receive notification of special deals from guild supplier partners that require a number of participants to become active. As you can imagine, in business the more products a supplier can sell together, the less expensive they will be, so in order for these deals to become worthwhile to them, a certain number of sales will be required or the offers won't go ahead.

The idea can be seen here >>>

Please be advised that, although these deals are still just testing the water, they are live and genuine and payments will be processed. We hope to approach our other suppliers soon with the idea and hopefully make it worthwhile for you as members of the guild to benefit from this.

If you have any ideas or thoughts about this (eg. who to approach for different deals, types of product you would like to see offered etc.) we would be more than happy to hear from you.

To recap on everything th
at the guild can now offer you that we have introduced since our inception, we now offer:

  • Free promotion and networking for yourself and your company and through the community by submitting articles, images and events
  • An extensive Jewellery Designers directory with increasing prominence in google - inclusion is simply a must and dirt cheap :-)
    25% Discount code DD1811 is still active until 31st Nov 2011
  • Gold membership for supplier discounts and Products and Public Liability insurance
  • Special offers from supplier partners and soon to be introduced group buying opportunities
  • Guilded Gems - The guilds own jewellery trends showcase of British Designers from the GoJD Designer Directory

As always, articles, ideas and content for the site greatly appreciated.


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