Sheffield has an international reputation for being a city where people make things and where people are fascinated by the making process.  This reputation is as well-deserved today as it has ever been and during the weekend of November 18th, 19th and 20th there is the opportunity to meet over 60 professional creative individuals as part of Yorkshire Artspace’s annual open studios weekend.











For the first time this year, visitors will also be able to buy works of art from 32 studio artists and makers, including jewellers Jennie Gill, Katey Felton, Chris Boland, Annette Petch, Chiara Bet and silversmiths Charlotte Tollyfied, Alexander Kerrison and Zoe Watts. As part of PW10 an exhibition of limited editions of ten has been made specifically to celebrate the 10th birthday of Persistence Works, Yorkshire Artspace’s flagship and award-winning city centre building.











Jeweller Jennie Gill is one of the artists opening her studio and she will be showing a limited edition of ten rings as part of PW10.  Her jewellery is hand made at her bench in Persistence Works and finds its way on to the fingers, wrists and necks of international rock stars as well as us lucky locals.











Studios will be open at Persistence Works and Porter Brook Studios in the city centre on Friday 18th November 5.30-9pm and Saturday 19th November 11am-5pm.  All the studios at Manor Oaks Studios on Manor Lane will be open on Sunday 20th November 11am-4pm along with the farm shop and cafe.  There will be workshops, demonstrations refreshments and entertainment across all sites, visit for details.