The Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery has developed a Home Study Course for the Silver Metal Clay Diploma Grade 1.

They have built up a reputation for high standards of work through the Diploma programme, with students travelling from all over the country and the world to study with them. MCSJ regularly have a significant number of students who cannot travel to Cornwall, enquiring about other locations where they could study their curriculum - the Home Study Diploma is in response to this.

The Grade 1 Home Study Course is available now and the Grade 2 and 3 Home Study Courses will be launched during 2012.

The Home Study Course comes with two alternatives; the Full Grade 1 Course Pack and the Grade 1 Course Pack minus resources and materials. 

The Full Grade 1 Course pack contains:-

Two 90-minute DVDs showing all the techniques, projects, tips and hints etc.
All materials and resources including enough silver clay to make all seven projects
A CD with all the project guides and useful information

The Full Home Study Diploma Grade 1 Course has an introductory price of £350 (including VAT) plus shipping.

The Grade 1 Course Pack with no resources or materials is aimed at students who already have all the resources and access to the materials or those living outside the UK. This option only contains the two DVDs, the CD and the course paperwork. The price for this is £210 plus shipping.

The main benefit of signing up for the Home Study Diploma will be that people who cannot travel will be able to study for the most thorough and comprehensive metal clay qualification at home. The course has a brand neutral approach with rigorous standards and includes some element of traditional jewellery making skills and techniques, to elevate the Diploma above hobby focused education programmes.

Students can work their way through the DVDs at their own pace and in any order they like. Once they have completed all the projects, they send them in to MCSJ for evaluation. On successful completion of the project pieces students will receive a Certificate for the Grade.

MCSJ Support Centres

The Home Study Diploma will be supported by a number of carefully selected authorised Diploma Support Centres around the UK and in Austria, Germany, Greece, Ireland and Spain. Staffed by Diploma holders, these Support Centres will provide basic kiln firing services, open workshop sessions, and critiques of the pieces prior to them being sent in for evaluation. They will also be authorised to develop classes on specific techniques, skills and projects relevant to the Diploma curriculum. This approach allows students to get local help and advice as well as giving them access to kiln firing and relevant equipment.

All the official Diploma Support Centres have signed up to a Teaching Code of Practice. This gives students peace of mind and the assurance of a safe and supportive training environment when booking a course with one of our Support Centres.

To find out more about the Home Study Diploma, visit MCSJ here.


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