Art in Action is a festival of fine art and master craftsmanship staged in the grounds of Waterperry House, Oxfordshire. Each July artists set up their studios in one of the many marquees and work in front of visitors, giving them the rare opportunity to observe the creative process at first hand.


Art in Action will be hosting some world class designer-makers using traditional and ground-breaking skills to produce beautiful jewellery and fine metalwork at this years event. Curated by Hatton Garden Jeweller Patrick Wyatt, he describes their work as “an exceptional fusion between the best that Nature can offer and the skilled artist’s finest creative powers.”

They include:


Daniela Dobesova

Utilising a range of wire forming and coiling techniques combined with traditional skills, Daniela Dobesova creates distinctive and elegant pieces in gold and silver, with emphasis placed on the quality of the craftsmanship and originality of design.



Barbara Christie

Barbara Christie’s work is about construction, colour, tactile surfaces and movement - something individual, hidden and one-off being created within each piece.  Her intention is to unite a sculptural quality with the best possible wearability and she places huge importance on the quality of the materials, sourcing stones from all over the world.

Erica Sharpe

From rock to jewel – Erica Sharpe will be smelting Cornish tin from its native rock, and then combining it with gold, silver and gemstones to create fine jewellery. Erica's work captures a meaning, spirit or essence, giving it a value far beyond the precious materials it is created from.



Jane Moore

Jane Moore has been designing and making jewellery for over 30 years. Her work is influenced by Japanese print design and 50s nostalgia. She will be demonstrating the application of fine enamel transfer on to enamelled silver.


Jinks McGrath

Jinks McGrath is a designer jeweller, teacher and author.  She works with gold, silver, platinum and unusual precious and semi-precious stones. She runs jewellery courses from her workshop in Sussex and also teaches in Thailand, Mexico and Afghanistan. Jinks has written several highly acclaimed books about jewellery making and her work has been widely exhibited.

Mikala Djørup

Mikala Djørup uses gold, silver and precious gems in her contemporary jewellery work. She will be demonstrating traditional jewellery techniques such as sawing, filing, soldering and stone setting.




Olivia Lowe

Olivia Lowe specialises in designing and making sculptural silver vases. Her inspiration comes from the flowers themselves and through her work she creates innovative forms where the vase itself is as visually interesting as the flowers it holds. Rather than the vase merely performing the physical function of containment, the resulting composition is one in which the silver and the flowers combine to create a single, unified composition.

Polly Wales

Polly Wales’ jewellery is made by casting precious stones, such as sapphires and rubies, directly into gold. Onto these is added intricate detailing with minute stones before casting. The stones become set inside and out, part exposed and part buried within, creating pieces that resemble natural gem encrusted forms, like sparkling geodes split open, or discoveries from the deep. This unorthodox process creates unexpected outcomes and makes every piece unique. This element of the unexpected has been embraced as one of the key tools in her practice and keeps her fascinated by the possibilities of the techniques she developed and their outcomes.

Rebecca Joselyn

Rebecca Joselyn creates quirky and humorous silverware, her most recent collection focusing on packaging. She will be demonstrating a number of silversmithing techniques which she uses in her day to day practice including hammer work, saw piercing and soldering.



Shelby Fitzpatrick

Shelby Fitzpatrick will be demonstrating using interchangeable textiles as vital components of her precious metal jewellery.  Coloured silks will be shaped, folded, twisted and rolled to fit into jewellery. Visitors will discover how they can apply these techniques to create their own inserts.

One of the many unique features of Art in Action is the large selection of practical classes on offer. There are opportunities for over 3000 visitors to take a class in a wide and eclectic number of subjects from mosaic making for 3-7 yrs to etching for the over 16s. Many of the classes are run by some of the UK’s most prestigious and established colleges and institutions, including City and Guilds, West Dean College, the Prince’s School of Traditional Art and the Guild of Glass Engravers. Following a class, enthusiasts can purchase art materials and publications to refine their skills or just get started. There is also the Craft Market where more than 100 designer-makers sell quality goods.

Venue:        Art in Action, Waterperry House, Near Wheatley, OXFORD OX33 1JZ
Tel:            020 7381 3192
Date/time:        21-24 July 2011, open 10am-5.30pm daily

Adults            £15 (Booked online £14.00)
Senior citizens    £12 (Booked online £11.00)
Concessions        £8 (Booked online £7.00)
Child (9-17 years)    £5 (Booked online £4.00)
Under-9s         Free

Family and season tickets available

Car parking free