When jeweller Maggie Clayton decided that she needed a new workbench, she went looking around to see what was on offer. It had to be sturdy, provide plenty of storage for tools and supplies and come within a reasonable budget – pretty much what any jeweller would need from a bench. What she actually found when she went shopping, were benches that were wobbly, flimsy and very expensive.

So, over to ‘Plan B’ – Maggie persuaded her carpenter husband to take a break from building furniture and fitting kitchens for his clients and build a bench for her! She was able to specify the exact dimensions, ensuring that the height of the bench was just right for her – an important consideration as she was going to be sitting and working there for hours – as well as designing the number and positioning of the drawers and shelves. Here’s the result:









This was when Maggie and her husband, Ken, started thinking. If Maggie hadn’t been able to find a suitable bench, then the chances were that there were other jewellers and makers facing the same problem.
She decided to approach her circle of colleagues in the jewellery field and ask them if they had experienced similar problems, also inviting them to tell her what sort of features they would like to have included on their ‘ideal’ bench. These are the results of her market research – a list of features that was then passed on to the talented Ken, to turn into a reality:

•    Rim to stop things falling off
•    Drawers
•    Shelf on top
•    Sturdy design to withstand hammering
•    The right height
•    Replaceable bench peg with built in housing
•    Drawer large and strong enough to take triblets
•    Space for a vice
•    Shallow drawers

Ken took these requirements and balancing them against time and cost considerations came up with four basic designs for signature benches that could also be customised if required. Suddenly the idea of making jewellers benches with bespoke features was looking like a viable business idea!

During a weekend spent in the rolling Kent countryside with the Clayton’s good friend and fellow jeweller, Jason John Lucas, Maggie and Ken talked through their ideas with JJ and in the end they had a business name, a banner and a website: kindly built for them by Jason! The business name ‘Bespoke Jewellers Benches’ was chosen because Ken had the skill to give potential customers the benches that would be made for their needs.

Bespoke Jewellers Benches are made from mainly soft woods, but are strong enough for the job in hand. The top is made out of 38mm laminated chipboard with a 12 mm MDF overboard, which can be removed and replaced when needed, so the bench top can be used, abused and revitalised.
It can be made exactly to requirements with the height just right for you – just call or email them outlining your requirements and get a free quotation.
It’s a business that really does understand jewellers!

Says Maggie, ‘We really would like people to know that we will supply them with a good quality bench that will give them years of service.’

Bespoke Jewellers Benches is collaborating with the Guild and is now one of our Supplier Partners.  GoJD Gold members wishing to order one of their benches are able to enjoy a 10% discount.