Search Engine Optimization. It's something we should all know about if we want our e-commerce websites to actually sell our jewellery instead of sitting on the internet gathering cyberdust, but how many of us start to glaze over at the mention of metadata, keywords and analytics?

In the next two parts of this practical series on search engine optimization, Lesley H Phillips examines the science of choosing keywords.

Why don’t I get sales or enquiries from my website /online shop?
2 & 3 Page titles & Keywords (metatag keywords)

For this article, rather than the home page, I’m going to use an example of a lampworker who has made a bracelet with ladybirds on it. Every page should be optimised so that it can be indexed by the search engines because every page has the potential to create traffic to your site and thus improve your overall performance.  Point 16 refers to the impact that visitor numbers to your site have on your success.

To optimise this page think about what search would be used by the potential customer and try searching in Google for it. You will see the amount of competition a particular keyword has.
“lampwork bracelet” has 13,200,000 sites as competition
But when a customer is looking for a specific bracelet, would they not search for?
“lampwork bracelet with ladybirds” – 1,060,000
“lampwork ladybird bracelet” – 2,100,000
“glass ladybird bracelet” – 940,000
But supposing her bracelet is made from silver and this is what the customer is looking for?
“silver and glass ladybird bracelet” – 505,000
“silver and glass ladybird bracelets” – 352,000
However, add the word sterling and look what happens to the competition.
“sterling silver glass ladybird bracelet” -15,400,000

Remember in the summary I mentioned previously that you should fight the battles you can win?  Why try and compete against 15,400,000 other sites when you could be optimising this page and only compete against 352,000 sites?
The added bonus of using “silver and glass ladybird bracelets” as opposed to “lampwork bracelet” is that this is what your customer is looking for.  If they search generically for a lampwork bracelet, will they stay for more than a second if they were actually looking for glass flower bracelets?  You will be penalised by the search engines if customers consistently leave your landing pages rapidly.  

Your page title, or simply a portion of it could be your best keyword .

You will see on The Guild’s Forum – the page title is “The Guild of Jewellery Designers Forum”

It is recommended to have no more than 5 – 8 keywords for any one page of your site.

Never pay for SEO companies, unless you have sourced them.  Unscrupulous companies will do SEO work and may use Black Hat techniques (ie buying backlinks).  However, even with White Hat techniques they can still rip you off!  “We can get you to page 1 of Google for your chosen keywords” – this will be their claim.  You will be asked to choose say, 8 – 10 keywords, 3 or 4 will be very specific keywords.   Our fictional lampworker is named Molly Smithers and her domain is www.mollysmithers.co.uk .  They will encourage her to optimise her own name or optimise something so specific that it there is little or no competition. Their guarantee should you read the small print will advise you that if you are on page 1 of Google for just one of your chosen keywords within 6 months, they will have achieved their part of the contract.  Of course when the site is indexed, Molly Smithers will be on page 1 of Google for lampworking, because there’s no other Molly Smithers, let alone lampworkers by that name!

Lesley H Phillips

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