AccountsSo, you’ve started your business, you’ve set up your website, you’re attending fairs and you’re selling. Fantastic news! You’ve decided to register your business now you’re self-employed - with this comes the joy of keeping Accounts. You will need to ensure that you’re keeping records so you can declare you’re income to the HMRC. I am writing this article for non VAT registered businesses (VAT turnover threshold being £79,000 for 2013-14) as it’s highly likely that VAT registered businesses will have a professional carrying out their accounts.

Deciding on a price to charge for your work is a dilemma that every jeweller has to face. We all want to be able to make a decent living designing and fabricating jewellery but at the same time there is a worry, especially in the current economic climate, that too high a price will have a negative effect on sales.

So how do you decide what to charge?



traditional  modern  mystical  ayurvedic  other
 January  Garnet  Garnet Emerald Garnet Rose Quartz
 February Amethyst Amethyst  Bloodstone Amethyst  Onyx, Moonstone
 March   Bloodstone  Aquamarine  Jade   Bloodstone  Crystal Quartz
 April Diamond  Diamond  Opal  Diamond  Quartz, White Sapphire
 May Emerald Emerald Sapphire Agate  Chrysophase, Beryl
 June Alexandrite  Pearl, Moonstone  Moonstone  Pearl  Opal
 July Ruby  Ruby  Ruby  Ruby  Carnelian
 August Sardonyx Peridot  Diamond Sapphire Jade
 September Sapphire    Sapphire  Agate Moonstone  Lapis Lazuli, Diamond, Chrysolite
 October Tourmaline Opal, Tourmaline  Jasper  Opal Pink Tourmaline,  Zircon, Aquamarine
 November Citrine  Citrine Pearl Topaz Diamond
 December Zircon, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise  Turquoise, Blue Topaz  Black Onyx  Ruby  

Ayurvedic birthstones are the birthstones associated with ayurveda, an Indian practice of natural spiritual healing that originated over 5,000 years ago.



name dates birthstone
BETH 24 Dec - 20 Jan Crystal Quartz
LUIS 21 Jan - 17 Feb Tourmaline
NION 18 Feb - 17 March Turquoise
ONN 21 March
Spring Equinox
 FEARN 18 March - 14 April Amethyst
 SAILLE 15 April - 12 May Moonstone
HUATH 13 May - 9 June Lapis Lazuli
DUIR 10 June - 17 July Diamond

21 June
Summer Solstice
TINN 18 June - 4 Aug Ruby
COLL 5 Aug - 1 Sept Topaz, Pearl
QUERT 2 Sept - 29 Sept Emerald
EADHA 21 September
Autumn Equinox
Black Opal
GORT 22 Sept - 27 Oct Opal
NGETAL 28 Oct - 24 Nov Opal

31 Oct - 1 Nov
Black Opal
RUIS 25 Nov - 21 Dec Olivine
IDO 21 December
Winter Solstice

23 December
Birthday of the Divine Child

Martha Mawson

Ailleas Designs

There are various different materials used for wedding rings, this article examines each material and its wearability rate.

How to create professional images of your jewellery

Get to know your camera - You know it makes sense!

I tend to repeat this advice, but you really do need to know how your camera works.  I know you will never read the manual, and that’s fine, nobody ever does, but please humour me on this one, you really do need to know how to operate all the functions available on your camera to get the best out of it, and there is no substitute for practice.  As your Mum used to say - practice makes perfect!  and guess what! She was right!

Please note that healing with stones does not preclude the use of a traditional medical service provider and you should always see a physician if you are suffering from any possible or diagnosed illness.

Agate provides balance among the parts of the wearer's self - the conscious, the subconscious, the id, the ego and the superego. It has long been valued as a talisman to protect and to alleviate ill will.  It helps with the acceptance of truth and understanding of others.
Amazonite is a stone that brings calm and soothing vibrations. It assists in achieving the best possible state of health. It balances the male and female energies and assists the wearer in seeing problems from all sides. Psychic trauma is soothed and both fears and anxieties are relieved. Aggression and negativity and washed from the mind and spirit. Physically, amazonite helps in matters of the bone - easing osterporosis, calcium deficiencies and deposits. It can also alleviate spasms in the muscles.
Amethyst is thought to protect the wearer from injury and drunkenness. It is also a stone that gives great strength. It can also calm the wearer and help with sleep disturbance. Amethyst is a stone of meditation and healing. In Celtic tree lore, the amethyst is associated with the Alder (March 18-April 14).
Ametrine is the child of amethyst and citrine. In addition to the protection and strength afforded by the amethyst and the pure positive energy of citrine, the child of these stones has its own power to rid the mind of prejudice and bigotry and to find the divine in all beings.
Apatite is a highly spiritual stone, allowing the wearer to become more in touch with their higher levels of consciousness and divinity.  The ability to learn, understand and imagine are increased through this stone. Almost comical is the fact that this stone, with a name that sounds like "appetite" is supposed to help with weight loss!
Aquamarine, the treasure of mermaids, has the ability to open up the third eye or psychic part of its wearer. With aquamarine, the wearer can read and sense the vibration of others. It has long been thought as a talisman for safe travel.
Aventurine is a stone of good luck. If you are a gambler, aventurine is the stone for you. It also brings good luck in any area that is related to monetary gain. It assists in creativity and gives the wearer great energy.
Black Onyx (see Onyx)
Carnelian brings to its wearer a more analytical approach to problem-solving. It can help the shy become more outgoing and is a stone that favours the theatrical.  If you want a stone that will help you enhance your more intimate encounters, then you want carnelian.
Chalcedony, in its natural shade of pale blue, makes the wearer feel dreamy and peaceful. It negates all that is hostile or negative. It soothes and calms, bringing peacefulness and tranquility.
Chrysocolla's beautiful and soft colouring of blues and greens can't help but to bring a sense of calm to the wearer. It aids in abolishing old feelings of hurt or injustice. It helps to bring about tranquility and unconditional love.
Citrine is an incredibly strong and helpful stone because it neither contains nor attracts negative energy. It is a stone of affluence and assists the wearer in business or personal finance.
Cognac Quartz (see Crystal Quartz)
Crystal Quartz is also known as rock quartz or clear quartz and is a grounding crystal that is often used to balance strong crystals or to clear the psyche after crystal therapy. Crystal quartz is purifying and aids in communication. In Celtic tree lore, this stone is associated with the Birch (December 24-January 20).
Emerald is a stone of romance and domestic bliss. The wearer can use the emerald to increase intuition and emotional healing. In Celtic tree lore, the emerald is the stone of the Apple (September 2-September 29).
Fluorite helps to quiet extra energy and emotional excesses of feelings. It assists in channeling to others or connecting with past lives. It is thought to aid in speaking with the spirits of nature: elf, faery, and tree spirits. Green fluorite concentrates its powers on healing and rainbow fluorite, with its three colours, helps with the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.
Garnet is the stone most related to romance and passion. With the deep burgundy shades of the most popular kind of garnet (rhodalite), who can doubt its connection to the heart. The stone helps to bring about positive thoughts and emotional strength. The garnet also protects the wearer against evil. In Celtic tree lore, the garnet is the stone of the Heather, associated with the Summer Solstice - June 21.
Green Onyx (see Onyx)
Iolite is a stone of vision. It helps to form clear thoughts and opens up hidden intuition and aids in understanding. It assists in expression and releases discord within families and relationships. Iolite creates a strong body and helps to rid the body of fat. It aids in detoxification and regeneration of the liver. It treats malaria and fevers and aids the pituitary and respiratory systems and alleviates migraines.
Jade is a stone associated with the orient and was once referred to as the "dream stone" for its ability to connect to non-physical planes of being. It can assist the wearer in realising his or her dreams and wishes.
Jasper is a protective stone, known for its ability to balance the two forces of the persona - the ying and the yang. It is also known to help its wearer stay awake and alert in exhausting situations.
Kyanite is one of the several stones that do not take in negative energies, thereby never needing to be cleansed. It helps its wearer speak clearly and is known for having healing effects on the throat and neck.
Labradorite is a very strong stone, assisting its wearer in replacing stress with calm. It is believed to help with problems in the head - be it eye or brain disorders. It is the sister stone to Moonstone and can connect to the powers of the waning Moon.
Lapis Lazuli gives to its wearer insight into ancient wisdom and knowledge. Associated with Jupiter, it helps to increase the intellect and protect from psychic aggression. In Celtic lore, the lapis lazuli is associated with the Hawthorn (May 13-June 9).
Lava Rock or Stone is the solid remnant of what was once pure fire. As one would expect, it is a very powerful stone, thought to assure swift action for the wearer in realising goals and dreams. For those born under the fire signs, wearing lava rock can balance fiery dispositions.
Lemon Quartz, due to its colour, signifies creativity, organization, optimism and well-being. Using lemon quartz while meditating will magnify focus on goals with a clear and bright vision and a path to make goals reality. Lemon quartz also assists in communication skills, making thoughts easily articulated.
Moonstone is a stone of the goddess and as such has strong powers when worn by women. Rainbow Moonstone vibrates with wisdom and energy, while Grey Moonstone eases frustration and allows its wearer to flow more easily with all life has to offer. In Celtic tree lore, the moonstone is associated with the Willow (April 15-May 12).
Obsidian has many variations, but each is known to be a stone of truth and is very protective. It protects its wearer from negativity and psychic attacks. It rids the wearer of stress and tension. It clears the mind of confusion and strengthens compassion. Physically, obsidian helps with pain, joint problems and helps to bring the warmth of circulation to the hands and feet. It also helps with digestion and cleanses the body of all toxins.
Olive Quartz are highly sought after because of their great powers. It is a very protective stone and has the ability to show us our true selves, the paths we must follow and the courage to do so. They are truly powerful in that they are able to heal the physical, emotional and spiritual self. The olive quartz allows the wearer to receive knowledge while at a level of higher consciousness.
Onyx helps the wearer overcome bad habits and to decrease superfluous sexual appetite. It aids with regeneration, instincts and intuition. It has long been believed that onyx can hold within it the life story of its wearer. Onyx aids in treating disorders of the bones, bone marrow and blood.  It is also beneficial for teeth and the feet.
Opal is a spiritual stone and reputed to increase creativity and imagination. It is said to help with the healing of eyesight. In Celtic tree lore, the black opal is the stone of the Aspen (September 21 - Autumn Equinox) and Blackthorn (October 31-November 1). The opal generally is associated with Entwining Ivy (September 30-October 27) and Broom (October 28-November 24).
Pearl, be it freshwater or saltwater, is associated with the ebb and flow of life, just as its mother, the oyster, lives and dies in the tides of the sea. Pearls symbolise purity, faith and loyalty. In Celtic lore, they are associated, along with the topaz, with the Hazel (August 5-September 1).
Peridot, with its refreshing green colour, revitalises the wearer in every aspect of their being. This stone is full of happiness and joy and allows the wearer to feel the same exhilaration one would expect from so bright a stone. In Celtic tree lore, the peridot is associated with the Elder (November 25-December 21) and the Yew (December 21 - Winter Solstice).
Prase is a positive stone which protects its wearer against anxiety and can aid in balancing blood pressure. It is most commonly associated with the eyes, where it is thought to assist in short-sightedness and cataracts.
Prehnite is a very protective stone and defends its wearer from all attacks, physical or psychic. It assists with out of body travel and communications with those who are here and those who are beyond. It allows the wearer to expel negative and painful memories.
Rose Quartz is a stone associated with love and the protection of children. Wearing a rose quartz heart will bring love to the wearer. It calms and soothes all who wear or handle it.
Ruby brings a clearness of vision and a sense of direction to those who lead high energy lives and who are often busy with many different activities. This stone will keep the wearer motivated and active. In Celtic tree lore, the ruby is the stone of the Holly (July 18-August 4).
Ruby Quartz, a crimson crystal, absorbs the energy of the sun. It invokes passion and love of life. As a protective stone, it repels violence and aggression. In healing, it is helpful in the back, hips, legs and feet.
Rutilated Quartz is an energising stone. It assists with mental focus and is reputed to attract deep love and to keep relationships on an even keel. It assists in discovering the catalysts for emotional issues and diminishes fears. Rutilated quartz helps clear the channels of thought and reactions. Rutilated quartz boosts the immune system, encourages tissue regeneration, combats fatigue, depression, and aids in the stability of all physical systems and general health.
Sapphire is referred to as the wisdom stone and each colour of the sapphire has it own properties. Generally, sapphires are believed to aid in blood disorders and vein weakness; it is also is reputed to regulate glandular systems and relax overactive systems. Blue sapphire is most often associated with purity and love. It helps the wearer see and stay on a clear path and boosts the wearer's ability to express him/herself. Blue sapphire has a calming influence on the body's nervous system. Yellow sapphire attracts wealth, success and prosperity. It stimulates the mind and increases the intellect. The yellow sapphire is connected to the body's lymphatic system and aids in the treatment of the abdominal organs.
Sardonyx encourages stability and confidence and uplifts the spirit to ease depression. It also aids in strengthening the immune system, helps the body fight infections, eases complaints of the stomach and vanquishes nightmares.
Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone and one used to alleviate stress and elevate levels of happiness. It is a protective stone and one that helps the wearer realise his or her dreams.
Sodalite is a stone of truth, assisting in the healing of past misunderstandings and bringing forth greater honesty in the emotions and in the inner workings of the subconscious mind. It helps the wearer find greater depth of intellect.
Spinel of any colour is reputed to have the power to cleanse the aura, to aid in channeling and astral travel. Physically, spinel is thought to assist in healing the entire body and boosting energy and endurance.
Sunstone is a stone of joy. It brings sweetness to life and allows the wearer to value and nurture him/herself. It lifts dark moods, encourages optimism, independence and originality. It is said to bring great fortune. Sunstone can help with digestive problems, ulcers and can aid is ridding the body of excess weight in the stomach area.
Tanzanite is commonly referred to as the "workaholic's stone" because this stone is reputed to allow the handler or wearer to slow down and relax. This gives the handler or wearer more success in life by bringing balance. It is now to moderate extreme personalities. This beautiful stone relieves stress and brings harmony. As a "magic stone" it brings about spiritual awareness and can alleviate sadnes and depress and it has been known to assist in ridding negativity. Tanzanite is helpful in relieving stress-related illnesses and high blood pressure. It restores youth and energy to the body, skin and hair in particular. It is reputed to be a fountain of youth in slowing the aging process.
Topaz, in its blue variations, brings calm and serenity to the wearer and aids in creativity and expression of self. In Celtic tree lore, the topaz is associated with the Golden Gorse (March 21 - the Spring Equinox) and the Hazel (August 5-September 4).
Tourmalinated Quartz is a very lucky stone and combines the powers of the quartz and tourmaline. It has a cleansing and grounding influence and helps to bring about clear thinking, protects the wearer from negative and unhealthy energies and cleansing the energy patterns of the wearer.
Tourmaline of any colour is thought to enhance the ability to understand and to increase the confidence of the wearer. Tourmaline decreases negativity and protects the wearer from unwanted negative energy. In Celtic tree lore, the tourmaline is associated with the Rowan tree (January 21-February 17).
Turquoise is actually a fairly rare stone and genuine pieces are harder to find than those stones which incorporate the term turquoise (African turquoise, for example). The stone is sacred to both Native American and oriental traditions and is considered a piece of sky that has fallen to earth. It promotes clear thinking and speaking from the heart. Turquoise assists in the balance and alignment of the chakras and helps to bring about a sense of calm. It is, therefore, excellent for exhaustion or depression. It helps the wearer or handler fulfil self-set goals and aspirations and helps to decipher the puzzles of problem solving. Last but not least, it brings the wearer love and friendship. In Celtic tree lore, the turquoise is associated with the Ash (February 18-March 17).

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