The way a gemstone is set into a ring, or any other piece of jewellery for that matter, is what makes it look good.

There is a whole cabinet full of different settings and the most frequently used are described below. A claw setting (sometimes called a prong setting) is the traditional setting for a solitaire engagement ring because it shows a single stone off to perfection. Plenty of support, but not enough metal to hide the light of your carefully chosen stone under a bushel!

In a flush setting the stones are embedded into the metal. This is a safer setting in terms of everyday wear, and a good one for wedding rings.This is an understated and elegant setting rather than one filled with Hollywood glitz and glamour. The bezel setting is a very popular setting and the first type of setting most jewellery designers master.

A band of precious metal wraps around the lower part of the stone, which is held above the ring so that it can catch the light from underneath. Remember, more light entering the stone, the more brilliance flashing from it! Channel setting shold the stones in clean lines, flush with the rings surface.Very protective for diamonds because they don’t protrude to be knocked and scratched. Channel set diamonds are very stylish; channel set princess diamonds are a real winner.

A pavé setting is very good to look at. Gemstones for a pave setting must be perfectly matched for quality and size because they are set almost like paving stones (hence the name).You know yourself that if paving stones aren’t exactly matched the result is lumps and bumps – the last think you want on a ring. When done well, this is a knockout of a setting, just think; you’re creating the equivalent of a paved street of diamonds for your client to wear on her finger!

This setting requires skill and patience from the jeweller and you must charge for that level of craftsmanship. Don’t undersell your skills! Finally, what about a cluster setting, the name of the setting where tiny stones are arranged in shapes, mostly organic such as leaves and flowers, but abstract too.Cluster settings can be single or multilevel. For those who are looking for pretty, floral designs, this is the one to suggest.    

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