Today we are launching a new GoJD competition for the run up to Christmas. The theme is 'White Christmas' and we want to see all of your white, sparkly, wintery pieces that echo the icy weather that we're being promised by the weathermen!

You can use any medium, any style and any size of work and we are welcoming entries of silverware as well as jewellery. We also know that many silversmiths and jewellers are starting to develop annual ranges of Christmas decorations and we would love to see these too!

If you have a piece that you’ve designed and fabricated yourself simply post an image of your work on the GoJD Forum thread, GoJD Facebook page or GoJD Community page to enter the competition. Leave a brief description if you wish and the piece with the greatest number of ‘likes’* across four social media platforms on 24 December 2013 will win a collection of three texturing hammers.





The fourth social media platform is Pinterest and we will also add your entry to our 'White Christmas' board here>>>

To post your entry on the GoJD community pages:
- login to the GoJD website
- from the horizontal menu directly beneath the banner, hover over 'social' then choose 'community'
- now choose 'groups' from the horizontal menu and click on the 'White Christmas' group (You will need to join the group before uploading).
- upload an image of your chosen design to the 'White Christmas' album (one only please!) and return to your image in the album to leave a brief description of the item including your name.

To post your entry on the GoJD forum:
• login to the GoJD website
• follow the link to the forum and choose the thread entitled ‘White Christmas Competition’
• in the reply section, choose the overhead icon for ‘insert image’ and follow the instructions to post your entry

To post your entry on the GoJD Facebook page:
~ Login to your personal Facebook account
~ Visit the GoJD Facebook page and post your entry on our timeline
~ We will add your entry to the GoJD 'White Christmas Competition' album. Please be aware that likes must be on the album photos in order to be counted.

Let us know if you experience any difficulties – we’re always here to help - and don't forget to ask your friends to like your entry as well :-)

The winner will be decided by the public and guild members; the photo that receives the greatest number of ‘likes’ on a combination of the GoJD Community pages, the 'White Christmas Competition' album on the GoJD Facebook page, Pinterest and the GoJD Forum* by 24 December will win the texturing hammers.

We look forward to seeing your designs – Good Luck!

Terms & Conditions
- Only one entry per person, although you are able to post the same entry on all three platforms
- There is no cash alternative to the offered prize
- No payment is required to enter or participate in the competition
- The closing date is 24 December 2013 at 9.00am
- The winner will be the poster of the photograph which has received the greatest number of ‘likes’ on the community pages of, GoJD Facebook page and the GoJD Forum*, combined, by 9.00am on 24 December 2013. Other ‘likes’ may be registered and recorded after this time, but they will not be relevant to the results of this competition.
- The winner will be announced on the GoJD website and notified by email on 24 December 2013.

*A ‘like’ on the SM platforms is defined as:

-‘Like’ on the Facebook album 'White Christmas Competition'
-thumb up symbol on the GoJD community pages
-‘Like’ on Pinterest
-A poll vote on the GoJD forum. The poll will be opened at 9am on 23 December

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