Choosing an engagement ring is one of the biggest elements of a proposal, and customers are faced with vast choices. However, it seems now that trends are changing and the way consumers make these decisions is experiencing a shift.

With millennials now reaching the age where many are considering marriage, it is this generation that is leading the way when it comes to engagement ring shopping trends. This is down to a number of factors which include the ever improving technology and a growing social consciousness. The average millennial no longer wants to be average, they want something different.

Bespoke Jewellery
One pattern that is certainly seeing a change is the decline in the purchase of off the shelf rings. Potential fianc├ęs are aware of the fact that this ring will be worn for a lifetime and go in search of something unique. The desire for evident craftsmanship is growing as many go in search of a ring that will stand out from the standard fare.

This is leading to many jewellery customers now going to greater lengths and looking further afield to find the ring that will make that special moment perfect. One solution has been for some to begin designing their own rings, a trend that is now more accessible thanks to prices now dropping to accommodate those with more limited budget s.

By designing a ring, the customer is creating something unique that tells its own story. There are so many considerations when putting a ring together including the choice of diamond, in which shape, colour, clarity and detail are now proving to be just as important as the size. An engagement ring is not just another piece of jewellery, it is a symbol of love between two people and a bespoke creation is a very special way to show this.

One trend that does not seem to be diminishing is the inclusion of diamonds in an engagement ring. With this remaining the stone of choice for a declaration of love, it now comes down to how the ring is made and sold. A bespoke ring with its own story gives a shop the opportunity to showcase the detail of each ring and make the client familiar and comfortable with what they are buying.

This personalised approach is now being used as recognised sales technique which can have a massive impact on how a brand is viewed. By building trust with the customer and talking about the features and origins of the ring, it is possible to create an intimate experience at a very important time.

Millennials are a generation who are much more socially aware than those who have gone before, and they take great care in choosing rings with ethical backgrounds. With the days of blood diamonds still in memory, customers are looking much closely at the backgrounds of the rings and their stones, ensuring that they are not buying anything obtained through cruelty. The backlash towards brands who still try to offer these pieces can be huge.

As a generation that has grown up surrounded by technology, it is hardly surprising that this plays a large part in their engagement ring shopping. This means that a strong and well functioning web presence is vital for anyone retailing engagement rings in the modern era. A facility allowing the customer to design a ring from the comfort of their own home is sure to be popular with a generation that has a decreasing amount of face to face interaction.

Engagement ring shopping is changing, and retailers need to keep up with these trends if they are to continue to enjoy the levels of business that have previously seen and if they wish to fulfil customers requirements in the future.

Aiden Richardson

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